Zodiac, It’s Origins and History

One of the great mysteries is the origin of the Zodiac, and the significance of the figures used in ancient times to represent the various star groups of the constellations.

So far, despite extensive research by archeologists and others in the scientific world, no light has been shed on the problem of exactly where and when the Zodiac and it’s symbols were designed. They certainly pre-date all the records of the oldest of civilisations, and have remained unchanged throughout the ages.

The Zodiac of the Akkadians, one of the most ancient peoples, who reached the height of their civilisation between 24BC and 22BC, is almost identical to the one we know today. These ancient people brought with them the rudiments of writing and mathematics when they invaded Assyria and Babylonia. preethi zodiac mg 218

Babylonian tablets record the introduction of the Zodiac by the Akkadians before 3000BC. Those Akkadians came from the mountain regions to the north of Assyria, bringing with them the fading remnants of their once all-powerful civilisation.

It has been confirmed by modern astrologers that the grouping of the constellations, and the symbols of the Zodiac were the results of a profound knowledge of the stellar universe and the relationships between, and movements of, the heavenly bodies. It has even been suggested that this most ancient of peoples had the telescope thousands of years before Lippershey and Galileo.

Since then the Zodiac has inspired reverence and interest. The Hebrews knew and revered it ages before The Book of Law was discovered. This refers to the Torah, or five books of Moses. (Most certainly not to be confused with The Book Of Law written by Aleister Crowley in 1904).

The ancient Egyptians, who are usually regarded as the founders of the oldest known civilisation, did not claim that their knowledge of the stars and Zodiac were their own discovery, freely admitting that it came from peoples even older than themselves.

If we consider the fact that the origin of the Zodiacal constellations pre-dates the oldest known civilisations, and that it obviously requires a considerable intelligence and comprehension of natural law, space, and time, we must wonder who were these people who first discovered and revealed the truths of astrological law?

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